Does it always take an accident for God to meet you right where you are? Not in every case. However, David’s testimony is just that, a serious accident occurred in his life and he had to decide to give up or give his whole life up to God. There in the hospital, he met Jesus.


Have you ever gone looking for someone to fill the void of love in your heart? Kathleen started looking at a really young age. Finally, at 29 years old she found perfect love when she met Jesus as her Savior.


David’s testimony is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. Although his mother seemed to not love him, David turned his life over to the only one who knew him the best and loved him the most. Jesus has made a profound impact on many others around him.


Jonathan’s testimony begins when he was young, about 9 years old. His story testifies that even though he went forward to receive Christ, the world often “looks” better by offering wealth, fame, and power. Listen in on how Jesus changed his life from believing lies to living in abundance.

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