The Sea of Galilee may not be golden, but it is a precious body of water, it is where major highways connect major places. The crossing of the Galilee was a surprise this morning and I thought about how Jesus crossed over to one side and back in order to present the good news and heal those who were of lowly state. The religious leaders, the government and those who were affluent could possibly pay their way into a humble tribute, but the average person living among the towns in their familial homes had a harder life. I certainly did not grow up in a wealthy family where everything was provided, I had to do without often for the benefit of the whole. I felt for these people as it was being described of their living conditions, wedding arrangements and trying to live life in as close of a kosher way as possible. Jesus brings them life and healing.

Upon arrival to the other side of the “Lake” we had the chance to see the preservation of what would be a single mast boat used for fishing and the style that would have been used by Jesus and His disciples as they crossed the lake and a wind storm came up and Jesus calmed the wind and water while the disciples remained in fear not knowing who this person they were following was that could do such a thing. This last day in Ein Gev, I swam in Galilee and the waves even at that level turn mighty fast from calm to forceful. It is easy to see through this experience just how the winds come up and push back to make swells that a small craft could be overcome by them.

Our next stop was Magdala, which I could have stayed there all day just taking in the thoughts of the archeologist “Mike” who gave his Jewish perspective of the importance of the site for not only Christians but the Jewish population as well. I could sense his excitement at times about the finds they uncovered there and that the digging continued and the expanse of a great find that will bring even more information about Jesus’ ties to the community to this land. The land is active and mysteries still become revealed. This by far was the most exciting thing to see today, the actual dig site and the parts that have been completed. This working site is not open yet to the public, but it is already garnering attention about the prospects of Jesus’ ministry coming through and it being the hometown of Mary of Magdala (Magdalene).

The rest of the day tugged at my heartstrings through the teaching of the average Joe found among the land and how Jesus reached in and spoke to those in the land at their level. The Woman who loses a coin and finds it, the replacement of the impure with the pure, and the issue of clean-ness (holiness). If I am unable to do it through the law, then am I able to be clean, kosher? When all I am trying to do is survive on what little I have? And Jesus comes and comforts me with his message that in His Father’s house are many rooms and He will come to take me there, just as a bridegroom comes for his bride.
Jesus comes and he calls. He points his face to Jerusalem and knows he must go and suffer as the servant for the world. When it is all said and done, He meets the fishermen again and 3 times he asks Peter to feed His sheep. Humanity is like sheep, a bit stupid when they get on their own, willing to follow anything and often getting into trouble spots, lost and alone. Jesus comes and he calls— me to work as His hands and His feet in this world to lift high the light of truth so that those I come in contact with will experience His love and grace and set out on following the path He has taught. Am I able? is the question I was left with at the spot of Jesus calling the disciples. With His help, I am.