How long does it take to move from death to life? For some it may take a lifetime for others it may be instantaneous recognition that Jesus the Messiah had come to complete the promised-plan of God to bring reconciliation between Himself and humanity. The two locations presented today for the crucifixion and the burial of Jesus were not in competition, but came at the event(s) from differing perspectives. I felt a bit Leary of the Garden Tomb as the location for the crucifixion in that even though it has a rock formation where the light in the afternoon forms a “skull” figure, but is that how this location was given its name? I wanted to hear more facts and data and not speculation and hypothesis. The tomb here is very believable, but again there is no eatable evidence that was given to make this the “spot”. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, although a bit ornate for the preservation of a sacred space, gives more credible evidence of earlier pilgrimages to the site after the events happened (pre-Helena). The location leaves me saying that this may be the spot more in line with Scripture, however there is also another option: could these locations be combined? Why do both events have to take place at the same location? I was a bit displeased that the tomb section was not available to visit at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to be able to view both in the contextual evidence of Scripture and alternative textual evidence.

Walking this route from cross to grave and emerging from the dark tomb into the light and then being transported to Caesarea where Peter and Paul both came to proclaim the gospel gave a perspective on the story, that it is not yet finished, but that I a part of the he final chapters being written about God’s victory over all things. Herod may have had the ingenuity to create or better yet, re-create nature into elaborate palaces and a life abundant, but the Holy One, Jesus the Messiah is the Ruler who controls nature, is above nature and gives freely a life abundant to those who believe on Him.

To think God in His wisdom and Divine plan brought humanity into the fold in order to participate with His plan is worldview changing. I’ve been transformed, transplanted, and transported from here land to the spiritual lessons of Jesus on this trip. Listen, the sea calls for reusing those who are drowning in the mire of the world’s pull on their lives. It is easy to get attracted to the shiny newness of life without a tent, life in new ways tugging at one’s body, soul, mind and spirit. It is easy to face the world and turn one’s back on the things of God. I know this reality and it is dark, even when things are full of energy, there is darkness whipping around and churning up the quiet waters seemingly to beg us come only to drown in our choice to venture into the deep without the One who rescues. I may try at times to shut God out, but He uses our disagreements, our inabilities to bring us to a place where we can shine for Him– as Paul shined in the prison of Rome. I pray I am willing to stand in face of adversity with a strong faith.